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15 Aug 2017
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12 Jun 2017
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Event Details

Registration has closed with 18 companies selected  to pitch

For Registration Details and draft Company Pitch Schedule, see above for blue tabs under Event Details. 

COST is approx. $12 per investor that is less than the cost of your time of finding and inviting an investor to a meeting as well as buying 2 coffees and parking. 



Founded in 1997, the Angel Forum - Vancouver introduces emerging companies to private equity investors, semi-annually each spring and fall. Pre-screened companies seeking private equity funding up to $1.5 million, present to 50+ pre-screened equity investors. Companies also demo their products / services all day to all attendees and hear expert presentations. 

Up to 18 pre-screened selected companies will:

- demo their products services (on table top in main room),

- pitch to 50+ serious investors  (10 min pitch, 4 min Q&A & 5 min Investor Only debrief), 

- hear expert educational presentations and

- network with 100+ attendees. Note that advisors / observers can not attend.

Objective: to select companies that have the best chance of being funded by investors. 

Company Information: Submit your Company Profile at http://re.tc/submitprofile.  If you already have a Company Profile on GUST, still use this link to access your existing Profile so we can see it and we have some custom questions. 

Feedback:  We provide detailed feedback by email to all applicants who have completed their Company Profile, Pitch Deck and Registration.  Optional video is recommended.

Selection or Deferral:  All applicants will be notified by email at the very latest, one week before the Forum date, of their selection or deferral.

For Event Details and draft Company Pitch Schedule, see blue tabs under Event Details above

For Companies Applying and draft Company Pitch Schedule, see blue tabs under Event Details above

Selection or Deferral:  All applicants will be notified by email at the very latest, one week before the Forum date, of their selection or deferral.

Prepayment: Since 1997,  to ensure that applicants are serious, over 2,000 companies have prepaid their application/registration fee that includes a $100 non-refundable application / feedback fee. 

Refund: If you are not selected to present or cancel before selection, all fees paid (except a $100 non-refundable application fee ($95+5%gst) will be refunded  before the Forum.

Cancellations emailed to us marked "Cancellation" will be accepted until 45 days before the event date, if you have not already been selected. A full refund will be credited to your credit card subject except for the non refundable application fee.

No Refunds after we have selected and notified you by email or if you cancel or you do not show up at the Angel Forum or you do not receive any investment.

For Companies Applying and Registration details, see blue tabs under Event Details above

Company Presentation for 41st Angel Forum June 14, 2016 (at Feb 2)

7:30 am

Investors-only: check-in at private room #1430 in NW corner

Companies: load pitch in room #1600, then set-up in #1400 Segal 
8:00  Opening of 40th Angel Forum - Bob Chaworth-Musters 

Top 10 legal mistakes - Prentice Durbin – Harper Grey in room 1425  

SR&ED & Digital Media Credit, Jason Cheng, PwC in room 1400 

8:25 Meet the Investors who briefly introduce themselves and their investment interests in both rooms 1400 and 1425
8:40 Company Presentations in room #1425 - across hall
8:40 Company #1
9:00 #2
9:20 #3
9:40 #4
10:00 #5
10:20 #6
10:40 Refresh Break - in demo  rooms #1400 to 20 -  (35 mins)
11:10 Company #7
11:30 #8
11:50 #9
12:10 #10
12:30 #11
12:50 #12
1:10 Lunch Break – in demo rooms #1400 to 20 =- sandwiches (40 mins) 
1:40 Public Venture Capital Pool Companies – TSX Venture in Demo Rm
2:00 Company #13
2:20 #14
2:40 #15
3:00 #16
3:20 #17
3:40 #18
4:30 Wine Reception

Investor Choice Awards chosen by the investors - (5 mins)

     Best Presentation - to be presented by TSX Venture Exchange

     Best pre-revenue Company - to be presented by PwC

     Best Company with revenue - to be presented by Harper Grey  

     Best Company to go Public - to be presented by TSX Venture Group 

6:00 Room closes

14 Jun 2017
7:45am - 6:00pm PDT

Google Calendar

  • Downtown Vancouver, Canada. Location and other details provided by email two weeks before Forum date.