Companies Presented on Nov 29, 2016

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2016 BC Angel Investor of the Year:   Haig Farris


Investor Choice awards summary – as voted on by Investors.

TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Presentation:

1.   EIS Crop Sense – 13+ interested investors

2.   Rotoliptic – 11+ interested investors 

3.  Lazy Meal  – + interested investors 


PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Co:

1.    Rotoliptic – 11+ interested investors 

2.    Plurilock – 6+ interested investors

3.    Microdermics – 5+ interested investors


Harper Grey award for Best Revenue Company:

1.    SHM Controls – 5+ interested investors

2.    LazyMeal  – + interested investors

3.   EIS Crop Sense – 13+ interested investors


TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Company to Go Public

1.    Ronin8  – 6+ interested investors

2.    EIS Crop Sense – 13+ interested investors

3.    Plurilock  – 6+interested investors


Final list of 18 companies selected - 60+ investors registered

Names are in stealth mode for confidentiality and to give first look opportunity to Registered Investors.

Visio is a SaaS platform that that drives Government performance, accountability and transparency and makes it easy to implement plans, provide action and performance measure updates and then compile that information for insights and decision support for managers, senior executives, Councillors and the public. $800K+  revenue in TTM, experienced team backed by Angel Directors.  

Ping allows users to select any area of any website and get alerted when it changes. 350,000 consumers and businesses use it. We help people and businesses staying on top of what is important for them: jobs, deals, offers, restocks or to automate monitoring. We have close to 400,000 users and 20,000 new sign ups or downloads per month from around the world. Our revenues double every 5 months! Serial startup CEO

Adventure is a SaaS and e-commerce engine empowering the tour and activity vendors with real-time availability, as well as big data consumer purchasing analytics. Think of Open Table + Sabre for tours and activities. Our SaaS software launched in Sept.2015 and we have saved clients an average of 8 hours per week in admin work and increases their sales by 20%-150%. $500K in TTM commission revenue.

Insights is a revenue-stage company providing state-of-the-art testing of the microbiome, communities of microbial cells - including bacteria, viruses and fungi - that inhabit humans, animals, plants and environments. Understanding the microbiome is one of the fastest growing areas of science, a critical part of human, animal, plant and environmental health. This new market is expected to be as large as the $7B+ genomic testing market. Serial startup CEO & team - $400k revenue for 2016

Sense is an automated crop monitoring and management platform for greenhouses that reduces growers cost by 75% and crop loss by 90%. It detect crop issues 35X faster and automatically fix pest and disease issues in greenhouses. Our revenue model is based on hardware sales/rentals and our multi-tier monthly SaaS solutions. We are currently validating our technology through paid trials in commercial greenhouses and nurseries in British Columbia and California. 2016 revenues of $300k

Gold is recycling Electronic Waste to Gold after developing a patent pending process that recovers over 90% of precious & high value metals from the recycling of electronic waste. This revolutionary process utilizes a closed loop, non-toxic, water based system to extract Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium and more from Printed Circuit Boards (PrCBs), and electronic waste (eWaste). Operating plant, Strong management, big market, very profitable projections.

Pay is an innovative fintech company that offers onine cross-boarder money transfer with real exchange rate and no hidden fees. It bridges the gap between customers and the top-level foreign currency exchange market, where customers gain access to currency exchange mid-market rate and can transfer money using their local bank account or credit card to over 50 countries through various channels such a as cash pick up, mobile money, or a bank deposit. Net revenue of $231k in 2016

Meal is a 4-sided food marketplace connecting restaurants, home consumers, business teams, and drivers through an on-demand meal delivery network. We’re building a marketplace of food sellers and buyers that collectively create a powerful network effect. More restaurants/drivers create more choice/quality for hungry customers, while more hungry customers increase revenues for restaurants/drivers. Our mission is to provide the best digital food ordering experience. We surpassed $1M TTM commission revenues in July 2016 and also became cash-flow positive while having everyone on full salaries.

RotoTech’s proprietary unique new pump tech with addressable 15% of $65B Pump industry, is focused on Downhole pumping, backed by weighty investors including Suncor and Cenovus. Initial target market is the Downhole artificial lift that suffer from short lifetimes due to high temperatures and harsh environments. Downhole market is $1.6B industry producing 60% global oil. Company's pump technology goes to solve these industry issues and begin to address other pump markets where the technology will drive value.

Financial Fund specializes in bridge financing to emerging, innovative companies. Our non-dilutive financial solutions help companies manage cash flow and let them focus on growing their business without giving up control. The fund addresses a lack of alternatives for SMEs to secure financing against government loans, tax credits and grants. The fund is largely focused on the SR&ED program however it finances other gov't programs. Experienced team completed 16 SR&ED deals for $1.7 million with no defaults. 

Mobile has developed an App for the Heath Services space to reduce costs of educational training of operating room nurses in hospitals and surgical centers. Their simulation training App is for Perioperative Nurses to learn, practice and retain surgical procedures before they enter the OR. Using this App hospitals will save thousands of dollars per nurse in annual training costs, time and resource allocation. Revenue of $1 million with an experienced team.

Client provides Smartphone Apps that power over 30,000 recommended vendor lists and member directories, created and shared with clients and members by professionals, associations and community groups. Individuals throughout North America access and rely on Client Link lists to find local business and service provider connections from sources they know and trust. 2016 revenue approaching $150k

Micro is a Vancouver based, medical-device start-up focused on commercializing a novel hollow microneedle delivery platform targeting the $100 billion biopharmaceutical market. Our initial business model is to enter into master product development and commercialization agreements with strategic partners that provide exclusive use of our device in combination with a partner's marketed therapeutic/vaccine.

Controls over the past 4 years, has developed and tested a low-cost smart boiler controller for multi-unit residential buildings, industrial/commercial buildings and large single-family homes that reduces natural gas consumption for heating by 30% on average. It also offers full remote control using smartphones, laptops and tablets as well as automatic email/text alerts in emergencies. 20 building installs generating data over 1-4 years and 30% savings avg.

Digital Security uses Continuous Authentication using Behavioral Biometrics such as keyboard cadence, mouse movements, etc. to create a unique biometric profile for each computer user. This allows organizations to prevent insider threats from stolen credentials or unattended computers as biometric profiles cannot be duplicated. Combining direct sales to trophy accounts and OEM partnerships with cybersecurity solution providers. In talks with leading military and civilian agencies. Lead Investor and experienced management looking for third win. 

Company is a leading provider of meeting and records management software as a service to 400 local governments in Canada and the US. Recurring revenue model with a renewal rate of over 97% annually over the past five years. The Company’s product suite automates meeting organization and processes, records administration and citizen engagement. It is focused on the small-to-medium sized local government organizations in the USA, which represents a growing $250M market. $2.5 million revenue in 2015. 5-time tech CEO has just joined.

EnergySaver is an energy service company that lowers energy costs for commercial buildings. We are obsessively focused on customer experience and have built proprietary technology and processes to identify, communicate, install, and validate energy efficiency projects. It has two revenue streams: 1 - Executing energy efficiency projects (Currently $758K in sales) 2 - Subscription-based energy management software (Currently $50K in sales)

Health is a mobile app that will help the $1.7-billion recreational sports market identify concussions on the sideline of sports games. Second Impact Syndrome which permanently injures 200,000, kills 50,000 athletes every year and costs America $20,000 per person or roughly $4-billion dollars annually. Their app aims to reduce these instances by improving the concussion assessment process with mobile software, improved & objective measures, and data management solutions. Since launching 90 days ago, they've sold their services to 9 customers and established relationships with key national stakeholders.

Names are in stealth mode for confidentiality and to give first look opportunity to Registered Investors.




May 30, 2016 - Investor Choice awards as voted by investors at 39th Angel Forum on May 30, 2016

Investor Choice awards summary – as voted on by Investors.

TSX Venture Exchange & David Greer award for Best Presentation:

1.   PlaceSpeak – 8+ interested investors

2.   eTrove – 4+ interested investors

3.   Arkit – 8+ interested investors each

PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Co,

1.    Blue Willow – 3+ interested investors

2.    Phytonix – 4+ interested investors

3.    LlamaZOO - 7+ interested investors

Harper Grey award for Best Revenue Co.

1.    Arkit – 8+ interested investors

2.    eSportsPools – 13+ interested investors

3.    Target Tape – 8+ interested investors

TSX Venture Exchange & Angel Forum award for Best Company to Go Public

1.    eSportsPools – 13+ interested investors

2.    Phytonix – 4+ interested investors

3.    Globale BeerCo, PlaceSpeak and Arkit – 3+, 8 and 8 investors respectively

OKR Financial award for Best New Technology

  1.        Plurilock – 9+ interested investors
  2.        Target Tape– 8+ interested investors
  3.        Phytonix 4+ interested investors





Names are in stealth mode for confidentiality and to give first look opportunity to Registered Investors.

Digital Lock Security is a pioneer in, and leading provider of behavioral biometric authentication solutions with continuous authentication for user identity and compliance. Their patented biometric technology captures digital DNA via users physical and behavioral use of smartphones, tablets, laptops & PC's. Provides elegant & unique security layer. Targeting strong OEM vendors in cyber security, healthcare, banking & Federal. Validated by 0 to 65 qualified vendors in under two months, potential 6-8 figures revenue each per year. In discussions with large credit card vendor. Lead Investor and experienced management looking for third win. 

BeTrove: a highly integrated mobile marketing automation tool that enables multi-location US medical practices to engage patients with loyalty and referral programs through mobile devices. Just $99 per location per month. With more than 475,000 practices in our target segments (dental, ortho, optometry and general), $608 million opportunity. Have 14 locations onboarded ($2,000 recurring revenue) and seek $500,000 (equity) to close 1,500+ locations in funnel. Experienced Management Team

PlayOn is a digital media company that helps amateur sports organizations promote and manage their programs via a mobile, connected-community platform. Designed for MOBILE and EASY access, it makes the sports experience better for everyone - coaches, participants, parents, family and fans. PlayOn is an all-in one platform that gives administrators a way of providing mobile and easy access to their sport organizations’ content, including promotional material, registration forms and payments, schedules, rosters, photos and a way to communicate that builds positive community relationships. Useful and relevant to amateur recreational sports programs, it is led by an experienced team with traction projected in 2016.

Interact for Smart Boats and RVs has created a software & hardware based platform for boat and RV owners to manage their vehicles remotely and to optimize performance while on board. We provide significant energy savings, reduce the risk of vehicle damage, and ensure all systems are ready to go when its time for owners to enjoy their recreational vehicle. We sell hardware thru VARs and maximize customer lifetime value thru ecommerce and subscription services. Experienced team with market traction

Beerco has created visually attractive brewing equipment with advanced environmentally friendly technology to produce popular craft beers that increases profit margins by an average of 300%. Removing the high capital cost of entry to the rapidly growing craft beer industry greatly expands the market potential. Outsourced manufacturing secures costs and high margins. Long term recurring revenues result from each sale and Global sales are in process. 2015 revenues of $330+K with 2016 projected at $1.9M.

Dish significantly reduces cost of care to hospitals by helping radiologists detect cancer sooner and more accurately using a machine learning artificial intelligence platform. We do this through an on-demand, cloud-based artificial intelligence decision support platform that uses machine learning image analysis to improve physician accuracy and efficiency via a SaaS model. We integrate with hospital electronic health records and picture archiving systems driving improved workflow efficiency. Experienced team with a Lead Investor and revenue projected in 2017.

Phytonix has invested $2.5M to develop a patented process to produce a valuable industrial chemical, butanol, from CO2 emissions. Production cost < 1/3 of the current method using petroleum derivatives = world's low-cost producer. High margins & scalable. Phytonix is partnering with industrial emitters of CO2, such as ThyssenKrupp Steel, to host and fund pilot plants to provide revenue. In discussions with DOW, Kuraray Chemical, & Neste Oil. Prime acquisition candidate. Led by very experienced local serial entrepreneur and investor. 

Arbutus is an R&D and commercialization engine for medical devices in emerging markets. First product is a $400 low-cost alternative to $30,000 surgical drills, treating 10,000+ patients with bone injuries. $100k in pre-regulatory revenue. Experienced team with a proven sales/marketing approach and Lead Investor. $1 million investment from Grand Challenges Canada. Traction in US/Can veterinary & military. Currently planning partnership with Bosch leadership: expanding Arbutus as an NPD/market platform together.

ESP hosts fantasy leagues for eSports, the fastest growing sport in the the world. Launched March 2015 we offer both free to enter and paid pools and have over 140,000 registered users in 150 countries. Users can enter pools, pick their fantasy team, earn points and win prizes. This year we will add additional products to the site, will acquire an online gaming license and significantly expand our marketing partnerships. Experienced team with Lead Investor.

Tape provides solutions for surgery and radiotherapy. Incisions are easier with less radiation and radiotherapy treatments are safer for large patients. The X-Grid is a disposable medical device that helps spine and orthopedic surgeons make fast, easy and accurate incisions. The X-Line was developed with a radiotherapy team at the BC Cancer Agency and is a disposable radiotherapy tape that helps create an accurate body contour for obese patients.  Management team is supported by two well-known medical device Lead Investors

Gami: the best place for storing and sharing school memories. It provides the best place for storing and sharing school memories. Designed to be student/member centric, Gami is a private and secure community platform that connects schools with their families and students in a more personal way than ever before. School portraits and yearbooks are valued in excess of $1B annually. With a B2B and B2B2C revenue model, it is bringing school memories to today's generation of families. 2015 revenue of $230k, experienced team backed by well known X-border angel investors including a Lead Investor.

ZOO’s provides SaaS for distributing interactive educational 3D content, with elements of gamification, to a beachhead market of veterinary and animal sciences. Its first product “EasyAnatomy” is targeted to veterinary and animal science education. EasyAnatomy is an interactive application that provides full anatomical 3D visualization of the most commonly studied animals. ZOO’s B2B strategy is to sell multi-seat licenses directly to post-secondary institutions, via a SaaS model. For B2C, a paired down version of the app is sold directly to students through a quarterly subscription model. Some revenue, experienced team with Lead Investor

VNetwork is a universal visual documentation platform that REVOLUTIONIZES how businesses use photos in their daily workflow. VISUAL DOCUMENTATION SIMPLIFIED is a patent-pending and trademarked, enterprise-grade visual documentation SaaS platform (mobile and web) for SECURE image capture, transfer, sharing and storage. VERIFIED allows users to define image content (metadata) pre-capture and can process tens to thousands of authentic images per event, in any industry. This greatly simplifies search, collaboration and reporting using the metadata and categorization attached to each image. Some revenue, experienced team with Lead Investor.

Healthcare Inc: Building on our existing Companion communications platform, we are pivoting into the medical wearables space. Reflex is a sensor that provides real-time quantitative data to caregivers and drives automated recovery coaching in-home to total knee replacement patients through the Companion platform. It cuts joint surgery rehabilitation costs while providing better outcomes for patients and responding to new insurance reimbursement rules. Offered as a $210,000 annual service (typical orthopedic clinic), Reflex will save care providers more than $600,000 a year. Successful management team with $200k revenue and a well known local Lead Investor.

BWS enhances the care/wellbeing of Seniors with automatic monitoring/alerting from a platform that aggregates intelligent sensors and connectivity solutions. It is client testing a HIPAA compliant SaaS platform to monitor the health of seniors in Seniors facilities. It sells its services for $45/resident/month which can be passed onto the senior to create an additional revenue stream. Products include automatic fall detection/notification, real time location services, vital signs monitoring with additional services planned. Successful management team backed by US investors led by a well-known former Chair / CEO of local large public tech company.


Place is a location-based engagement platform for organizations to consult online with people within specific geographic boundaries. After building a robust solution for public consultation, Place has also developed open data Civic Notifications, and Neighbourhoods, a geosocial network for neighbours. It operates on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, and charges a licence fee to proponents of public consultations. 20+ customers, $100k+ revenue and Deal Lead investor.

Kit is a Vancouver-based company on a mission to change how people work, communicate and share using maps. Our web app makes it easy for teams to work together on map-based projects, by combining intuitive mapping features with collaborative project management tools. It gives users a visual, map-based system to plan and organize projects, track location-based information, manage and complete work, and share across teams and companies. Kit powers more informed decision-making, reduces project risk, increases efficiency and makes every day more productive and successful. 6,000 projects, $180k revenue and Deal Lead Investor.

Decision is an online platform-as-a-service that helps organizations engage groups to solve difficult problems and make decisions. Combining the power of prescriptive analytics, decision science and behavioral psychology, it harnesses crowd wisdom to answer real business problems. Decisions has earned $350,000 CAD to date and received awards for its innovative, patent-pending technology. Has Deal Lead investor.


RIVE is a SaaS, customer retention software to help expanding restaurant chains increase sales with customer insights. We help teams take actions to increase sales using a 360 degree view of the company to get customers back more often. The software has a real-time ROI calculator for their customers to see how much customer retention has contributed to their bank account. Annualized revenue of $200k+ and potential Deal Lead investor in negotiations.

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Nov 30, 2015 - Investor Choice awards as voted by investors at 38th Angel Forum

2015 BC Angel Investor of the Year = Ralph Turfus, for his 28 years in building Class Software with no outside investors, his investments in 20+ BC companies at an average of $300,000+ and nearly 10 seed funds at an average of $100,000+, his Growth Strategy Program delivered around BC via Acetech & New Ventures, his Chair / Directorship role in 3 exits plus 5 other exits and current membership in the Premier’s Technology Council plus many other contributions. Thank you Ralph !!!!


Investor Choice awards summary – as voted on by Investors. More Company info below


TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Presentation:

1.   Nanozen – 16+ interested investors

2.   NZ Tech – 15+ interested investors

3.   ViewsIQ & VisualPing – 11+ interested investors each


PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Co:

1.    NZ Tech – 15+ interested investors

2.    Montie Power – 15+ interested investors

3.    ViewsIQ - 11+ interested investors


Harper Grey award for Best Revenue Company:

1.    Hydrogen Tech – 9+ interested investors

2.    ViewsIQ and AlgaeCan– 11+ and 5+ interested investors

3.    InBound Retargeting – 6+ interested investors


TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Company to Go Public

1.    Hydrogen Tech  – 9+ interested investors

2.    NZ Tech – 15+ interested investors

3.    Nanozen – 16+ investors & AlgaeCan– 11+ investors


Acheson Mobile award for Best New Technology

  1.        NZ Tech – 15+ interested investors
  2.        Nanozen – 16+ interested investors
  3.        Views IQ 11+ interested investors


BIG congratulations to all of the winners and runner-ups!!

Nov 30, 2015 - 19 companies selected from 52 formal applications: 

Chatterhigh is a web platform embedded in the classrooms of high schools across North America, connecting post secondary institutions with students researching & learning their career options. Post secondary organizations spend tens of billions annually for recruitment and advertising, but until CH they had no targeted platform with measurable results to reach & educate high school students, which is why CH is now growing very rapidly. Trusted channel for post-secondary & career orgs to reach secondary students. Built into curriculum and gamified. The "best portal for direct engagement" –BCIT. $220k revenue in 2015, experienced team backed by numerous Angel Forum and other investors.

WhatsApp for money – Payso Inc is a mobile peer-to-peer payments platform that makes sending money to friends as easy as sending a text, replacing cash for everyday payments between friends. This cash segment of the market is largely unaddressed by incumbents in Canada. Launched in Dec 2014, over $350,000 has been shared using this platform; >10,000 payments, requests and messages (>$100,000 shared in Oct). Peer-to-peer is a free tier used to win market share. They will earn revenue by capturing part of the interchange when their users pay merchants (est. $5 revenue, per user, per month) and distributing 3rd party financial services through the platform (lending, investment, FX). Team is backed by leading payment experts in Vancouver and Toronto.

NZTech works in the field of Human Machine Interaction (HMI) with specialization in 3D machine vision and learning algorithms. It is developing novel technologies for human computer interaction in the medical device, eHealth and smart home markets. NZTech’s proprietary software and hardware is designed and built in-house. Their primary product is a medical device for Interventional radiologists who need to efficiently manipulate radiology images in the Operating Room (OR). It is designed for doctors, by doctors to fit seamlessly in their challenging work environment. Experienced UBC team backed by medical device experts with some revenue.

Hydrogen Tech is a leading developer and operator of hydrogen fuel supply infrastructure in Western North America to enable the proliferation and use of the new long range, zero emission hydrogen fuel cell car. It enables hydrogen fueled transportation by building and operating low carbon intensity hydrogen production, distribution and retail fueling networks. They provide value and make money by safely, rapidly and cost effectively developing, building and operating: 1. Sustainable hydrogen production facilities. 2. Advanced hydrogen delivery systems. 3. Retail hydrogen fueling stations. 2015 revenue of nearly $2 million with industry leading tech team and backed various Angel / Corporate investors.


Alinker designs, builds and markets, quality and unique walking-bikes and accessories for people with mobility challenges who want to maintain an active life. Its flagship product, the linker is a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. Linker was designed by Dutch experts in mobility and is made in a quality controlled factory in Taiwan and is currently being sold in the Netherlands and the US. Team is backed by an experienced advisory team and numerous investors.

New Energy Corp. is a manufacturer of in-stream hydrokinetic power generation systems bringing reliable, sustainable power to remote communities around the world. The company's proprietary systems convert kinetic energy in water currents into electricity the same way in which wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in wind into electricity. Their system is an economical hydroelectric generating product that has an extremely small environmental footprint and can be used in a large variety of settings where traditional hydroelectric plants are not practical or possible. The system can be installed in tidal currents in addition to freshwater applications such as rivers, canals, and industrial outflows. Experienced team with 2 major angel investors and $500K+ sales.

ViewsIQ is an imaging software company that develops microscopy imaging solutions for academic institutions, hospitals, and research laboratories. Their existing product digitizes patient samples microscopically to disrupt to the field of pathology, the last remaining medical field yet to have gone digital. Their vision to accelerate the delivery of diagnostic information to effect patient outcomes. Experienced management team is backed by numerous investors with sales of nearly $500k in last two years at a reasonable valuation.

Inbound Retarget allows social media, bloggers, emailers and inbound marketers to show their banner ads across the web to anyone clicking on their links. In addition to share content to their followers, their customer can tag anyone clicking on links shared in social media to display banner ads to their followers. Their service is a URL shortener (like and about 15 banner ads are showed over a month in multiple publishers across the web (incl Facebook and mobile). They launched 2 product lines over the summer and working on the MVP of a third one. A very experienced management / advisory team with revenue.

XCo. has developed an advanced movement tracking and biometric data capture system that will revolutionize the coaching of athletes in professional and amateur sports at all levels and the monitoring of patients in healthcare institutions and in their homes. It precisely measures movement along with wearable sensor data for new applications in sports and healthcare. This enabling technology will lead to many new products in sport, healthcare and across many more industries (e.g., retail, mining, worker safety, defense). Experienced team backed by a major angel investor.

AlgaeCan is one of the first companies to develop proprietary photobioreactors for the commercial production of algae for extracting high value bioactive components for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. Market demand exceeds supply because of the difficulty of growing at commercial scale. The Company generates up to 50% higher yields with its process compared to traditional production methods using natural sunlight at its small commercial plant. The market for antioxidants is estimated at more than $2 billion with their market is estimated at over $100 million and is forecast to grow at a compound rate of more than 35% per annum. Very experienced management and advisor team with some revenue from pharma / nutra customers, moving to full scale production.


Visual Ping allows users to receive notifications when areas of webpages change and has 270,000 users from around the word with existing revenues from the 3% heavy users. They anticipate reaching $15k monthly recurring revenue by year-end. 2/3 of their user base are consumers and 1/3 companies including Google, Uber, Apple, Unilever, Goldman Sachs, the DoJ, Sequoia Capital and many others that use it to automate checks, competitive intelligence, track requests for proposals etc. Many customers use the product as a replacement to RSS feeds. Very experienced team backed by a leading Vancouver Angel investor at a reasonable valuation.

Anandia Labs utilizes state-of-the-art genomic plant science techniques to unleash the full potential of the cannabis plant for both growers and consumers; to breed optimized strains: ideal chemical profiles for medical use; novel aromas and pleasurable highs for connoisseurs; and high-yielding pest resistant plants sought by growers. In parallel, they are building a suite of chemical and genetic assays to serve the global cannabis community. Current revenue is from testing services, while the greatest impact will derive from licensing/selling strains. Founders are an internationally-recognized cannabis science / IP expert and a PhD chemist experienced in biopharma, backed by a leading Vancouver angel investor and a NYSE listed group company.

Acuva Tech via UBC, is commercializing proprietary water purification systems for recreational, household and industrial markets using next generation UV-LED (ultraviolet light emitting diodes) for water treatment. Their advanced prototype requiring only minimal power, footprint and maintenance has finished alpha trials. Their first product, designed for the recreational boat market to solve the problem of on-board potable water supply, will be available for pre-sales in Q4 2015 with delivery planned for Q1 2016. Other markets include recreational vehicles, homes and travelers as well as the large and growing point-of-use water purification in India and other Asian markets, will follow this. Experienced team backed by UBC Seed Fund.

Blue Mesa Health empowers individuals across America to live a life free of chronic disease, through their flagship digital therapeutics program that combines mobile apps, IoT wireless scales and activity trackers, and professional health coaches to help individuals reduce their risk of diabetes by 60%. They offer it at no cost to individuals because their customers are large employers and health insurance plans who pay for the program and get considerable value in reduction in diabetes-related health claim costs. Founded by serial tech CEO founder and a world-class diabetes expert, backed by leading hands-on Vancouver angel investors

Pick a Price Auto’s platform enables the consumer at no cost to Find, Bid and Buy their next new vehicle online. They plan to disrupt the new car sales industry by giving consumers the first online, haggle free buying experience, while driving low cost, high volume sales for dealers. They are going live in Calgary in November and shortly thereafter, Vancouver and then commence planning a national advertising and marketing campaign across the rest of Canada in 2016. Extensive management team backed by numerous angel investors.

Nanozen is a CCPC with a patented new technology via UBC, for the detection of very small airborne particles that can cause explosions and health related issues such as cancer. This technology is being built into 3 products to target the $1.3B Environmental and Industrial health and safety markets. Their products are a leap forward in this market and will reset the benchmarks in the industry for price and features compared to existing products. Experienced team, already angel funded with some sales.

CuePath is taking advantage of one of the fastest growing medication packaging types called blister packs, and making it smart. There is no need to educate patients, the packs are conveniently pre-filled by a pharmacist, and pharmacies enjoy the increased customer loyalty and new clients. They have more than a dozen pharmacies interested in trials, which are starting soon. They use a subscription model and promoting connected health. Management are serial technology founders.

Montie Power is focused on the development + commercialization of novel pump technology. Pump market worldwide is $65B. Initial target market for Montie pump is mobile truck based transfer pumps that suffer from short lifetimes used for oil and for other fluids associated with oil extraction and chemicals industries. Transfer pump market is ~$120M/yr in North America. Company will enter transfer pump market and will then begin to address other pump markets where the technology will drive value. Has a conditional sale plus a key distributor.

Integrated Tracking produces wireless monitoring and tracking M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions. They have developed multi-sensor tracking and monitoring devices for the law enforcement, military and government sectors (GGV Products) with first sales in 2014-2015. Additionally they are at the prototype and trial stage with a personal safety/health related wearable technology solution with manufacturing expected in Q1 2016. The care product will become the company's principal source of revenue in the next few years. Experienced team with some sales from first product.


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Investor Choice awards at 37th Angel Forum on Tuesday March 31, 2015 where ~65+ serious investors met with 18 pre-screened companies that presented and exhibited. BIG congratulations to all of the winners and runner-ups!!

TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Presentation:

1 & 2.    Vandrico Systems & LazyMeal tied – 9  and 11 interested investors respectively

3.    InBound Retargeting of Vancouver – 19 interested investors


PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Co:

1.    PaigeeDraw of Vancouver – 17 interested investors

2 & 3 & 4.    Aspect Biosystems & Microbiome & InBound Retargeting tied – 27, 15 and 19 interested investors respectively


Fasken Martineau award for Best Revenue Company:

1.    Wearable Therapeutics – 27 interested investors

2.    Karoleena of Kelowna – 7 interested investors

3.    Curatio of Vancouver – 13 interested investors


TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Company to Go Public

1.    Aspect Biosystems – 27 interested investors

2.    InBound Retargeting – 19 interested investors

3.    Karoleena of Kelowna – 7 interested investors



18 companies selected for March 31, 2015:  

Names are in stealth mode for confidentiality and to give first look opportunity to Registered Investors.

I Software is a subscription based SaaS service that enables food companies to develop and maintain food safety compliance programs. The initial target market is food manufacturers, who are facing increasing pressure from customers and regulatory authorities to improve food safety. Icicle helps them achieve this goal with minimum effort. 2014 revenue $210k

A-Tracking Solution is using a combination of RFID and GPS to track and report on radiation emitting devices, containing sealed sources used for radiography in the Non Destructive Testing Industry. As per May 31, 2015 - government increased security measures becomes mandatory for sealed sources used in Oil and Gas, Mining and Construction. A huge compelling reasons to move fast! With no competition (yet), the Go-To-Market time is right now.

F-era is the emerging "Expedia of Freight" allowing shippers to get the best rates and instantly book freight from carriers of all sizes in North America. Company has solved a fundamental problem in logistics by creating a unified pricing, availability and booking system usable by trucking companies of all sizes. It is a two sided platform offering real time, fixed cost rates and instant online booking. Has revenue + additional revenue streams planned.

Meal is a leading online ordering portal that empowers hungry customers by connecting them with a visually compelling and rapidly growing marketplace of curated takeaway dishes. Since our launch in Vancouver last February, we grew our Gross Revenues by 11% per month on average, from $24,876 in Feb-14 to $100,922 in Feb-15. To date, we processed more than $800,000 in Gross Revenue on our platform and realized a 10% Net Revenue Margin.


Controls offers a low-cost smart boiler controller for apartment buildings offering considerable unprecedented gas savings, a quick wireless retrofit, remote control, email/text alerts. Residual income model: Cheap/subsidized installation ($150/suite) + a low ongoing monthly fee ($10/suite/month). We have 7 test installations running for 3.5 yrs in Vancouver buildings of: 3-22 floors, 16-48 suites, each paying $50-$200/month, annual savings 19%-42% (average=30%).

Retarget Tech allows customers to hack ad display retargeting campaigns by planting cookie trackers in affiliated third party sites and social media links. This reaches viewers by: 1) retargeting from third party sites (Retarget Exchange) 2) retargeting from links shared in social media (Retarget links)  Co. operates in the $50b ad display market and believe this is a $1/2b opportunity. Impressive team.

Cure is a mobile health company that has generated $500k in its first year through sales and awards with no outside financing. Their proprietary patient matchmaking algorithms and private mobile social platform provide a unique solution to the $564B/year medication adherence problem. It is a SaaS business, selling to pharma, hospitals, and health organizations and have first betas deployed with national & global customers. Experienced team

Micro Insights is a revenue-stage company providing state-of-the-art testing of the microbiome, communities of microbial cells - including bacteria, viruses and fungi - that inhabit humans, animals, plants and environments. Understanding the microbiome is one of the fastest growing areas of science, a critical part of human, animal, plant and environmental health. This new market is expected to be as large as the $6B+ genomic testing market. Impressive team

A-Platforms is a software company focused on providing innovative solutions for the management and communication of data across the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry, focusing on well site liability management. Our flagship product is an industry-first and highly integrated cloud-based software designed to help O&G companies manage and reduce their well site liability. Experienced team with $200k of revenue.

P-World is a next generation Social Network for artists and art enthusiasts available on the web and mobile devices with 500,000 registered users. It is a real-time, dynamic social network which allows people to come together to share art, follow their favorite artists and make friends from around the world and boasts engagement rates over 10x higher than the largest player in this market. provides on demand realtime exact location of automotive dealership dynamic inventory on smartphone, tablet and browser. It is established with Active RFID functionality over GPS to ensure scalability and durability accessible via a cloud portal. Already in use with 1 launch customer and in discussions with other major auto dealer groups – experienced team with $100k revenue.

Logic's Platform is a consumer-to-consumer content marketing platform used by brands to engage consumers on the web or mobile phone through digital and social channels. Platform enables brands to facilitate the distribution of relevant brand content through friend-to-friend sharing. Platform collects and analyzes data to determine which consumers are most valuable to a brand based on their level of social media brand engagement. Experienced CEO and Directors. Monthly sales of $300K.

Van Solutions is a “wearable technology” company selling enterprise software that intelligently connects workers to IT systems in real-time. This software can best be described as Machine-to-Worker Instant Messaging. It is currently focused on the mining industry and is partnering with system providers who build on-top of their software. Future growth opportunity is seen in multiple verticals. Experienced team - Current run rate of $240K

A Biosystems is developing a proprietary 3D bioprinting platform technology capable of creating living human tissue models. Initial products and services aim to improve the predictive accuracy of the pre-clinical drug discovery process by providing pharma with 3D human tissue models. Company has a long-term vision to expand beyond drug development, by creating human tissues on demand for applications including organ transplantation. Experienced team - Current run rate of $22K

C High is a web platform embedded in the classrooms of high schools across North America, connecting post secondary institutions with students researching & learning their career options. Post secondary organizations spend tens of billions annually for recruitment and advertising, but until CH they had no targeted platform with measurable results to reach & educate high school students, which is why CH is now growing very rapidly. Innovative team - Current run rate of $101K and 566k users in 2014.

Wearable provides high quality, effective and safe solutions for anxiety relief. First product uses proprietary technology to deliver Deep Pressure Therapy – a firm hugging sensation which has a calming and relaxing effect. Already helping hundreds of individuals with autism, brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder, and sensory challenges, WT's solutions are recommended by top researchers worldwide. In last 6 months, obtained distribution partners, closed $400k of funding with sales increasing rapidly.

Pipe’s vision is to provide multi factor password-less authentication and world-class, virtually unbreakable and secure mobile data security solutions.They leverage vendor partnerships with Intel, SAP, Microsoft, Qualcomm Life, Samsung, AWS with University and Government R&D collaborations. Experienced CEO and team at reasonable valuation. New in-process breakthrough meetings with Intel, Vodphone and Swiss government communications company. Planning $5 million Series A round late 2015.

Leena is a North American leader in high end, modern, modular home assembly using multiple technologies to quickly manufacture for intelligent living. Their strategy is substantially different than any other home builder. It has the right management team for the job, their business model is making money, it is scalable and the market opportunity is limitless. 2014 revenue of $3.2 million and profitable.


Names are in stealth mode for confidentiality and to give first look opportunity to Registered Investors.




Summary of Investor Choice awards at 36th Angel Forum on Oct 28, 2014 where ~70+ serious investors met with 18 pre-screened companies that presented and exhibited. BIG congratulations to all of the winners and runner-ups!!

TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Presentation:

1.    Vidigami of Vancouver 

2.    Cambridge LabScholars of Vancouver

PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Co:


1.    Cambridge LabScholars of Vancouver

Fasken Martineau award for Best Revenue Company:


1.    ViewsIQ of Vancouver

TSX Venture Exchange award for Most Promising Company to go Public


1.    Ethelo Decisions of Vancouver

National Research Council award for Best Technology:


1.    Ethelo Decisions of Vancouver


Investor Choice awards at 35th Angel Forum on Wednesday April 23, 2014 where ~65+ serious investors met with 18 pre-screened companies that presented and exhibited. BIG congratulations to all of the winners and runner-ups!!

TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Presentation:

1.    BitLit of Vancouver – 14 interested investors – now closed

2.    FlightOffice of Vancouver – 21 interested investors

2     Pretio of Victoria – 6 interested investors

4.    OCK of Vancouver = CloudSway of Seattle = Loud Crow of Vancouver


PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Co:

1.    OCK of Vancouver – 17 interested investors

2.    MetaOptima =  BitLit, both of Vancouver  - 9 interested in MetaOptima

3.    StylePixi of Vancouver = Pretio of Victoria


Fasken Martineau award for Best Revenue Company:

1.    FlightOffice of Vancouver – 21 interested investors

2.    Loud Crow of Vancouver – 5 interested investors

3.    Precision NanoSystems of Vancouver – 13 interested investors

4.    SmartPager of Victoria – 15+ interested investors


TSX Venture Exchange award for Most Promising Company to go Public

1.    CloudSway of Seattle – 5 interested investors

2.    BitLit of Vancouver - 14 interested investors – now closed

3.    FlightOffice, Pretio, Loud Crow and Precision Nano 


National Research Council award for Best Technology:

1.    OCK of Vancouver - – 17 interested investors

2.    Precision NanoSystems of Vancouver - – 13 interested investors

3.    Mobizou of Calgary  2 interested investors

4.    MetaOptima of Vancouver - 9 investors interested in MetaOptima

5.    Cloudsway of Seattle - – 5 interested investors




Summary of the Investor Choice awards at 34th Angel Forum on October 22,  2013 where ~65+ serious investors met with 19 pre-screened companies that presented and exhibited.  BIG congratulations to all of the winners and runner-ups!!


Greg Peet is the 2013 BC Angel Investor of the Year.  Well deserved for one of BC’s largest company exits, for multiple angel investments and numerous public roles. 


TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Presentation:

1.    Gummii Inc. of Calgary 

2.    Smart Pager of Victoria

3.    ThinkCX of Vancouver = Vonigo of Vancouver 

4.    GetintheLoop of Kelowna

5.    Vidigami of Vancouver = Chatterblock of Victoria


 PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Co:


1.    MTT Innovation of Vancouver

2.    Gummii Inc. of Calgary 

3.    Naegis Pharma of Vancouver = Notey of Vancouver 

4.    ThinkCX of Vancouver = SolAeroMed of Calgary

 Fasken Martineau award for Best Revenue Company:


1.    Smart Pager of Victoria

2.    Vonigo of Vancouver  = ViewsIQ of Vancouver 

3.    Gummii Inc. of Calgary

 TSX Venture Exchange award for Most Promising Company to go Public


1.    MTT Innovation of Vancouver

2.    Macaloney Distillers of Victoria

3. of Vancouver

4.    GetintheLoop of Kelowna, SmartPager of Victoria, Naegis Pharma of Vancouver 


Strategic Exits award for Best Company likely to be Acquired:

1.    MTT Innovation of Vancouver

2.    Vidigami of Vancouver = Smart Pager of Victoria

3.    Naegis Pharma of Vancouver = SolAeroMed of Calgary

4.    Timely of Okanagan



Investor Choice Awards (as chosen by Investors) at 33rd Angel Forum – March 11, 2013


TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Presentation:

1.    Claris Healthcare of Vancouver 

2.    Medeo of Vancouver

3.    Nyce Control of Vancouver

4.    ZanttZ of Richland, Wash 


PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Co:

1.    Clear Metals of Vancouver 

2.    Grove Nutrition of Victoria

3.    Visland Media of Kelowna = Visage Pet Recognition of Vancouver = Dark Matter of Victoria = InTech of Surrey 


Fasken Martineau award for Best Revenue Company:

1.    Mobile Data Technologies  of Edmonton

2.    InTech of Surrey

3.    ZanttZ of Richland, Washington

4.    Qualnetics of Bellingham


TSX Venture Exchange award for Most Promising Company to go Public

1.    ZanttZ of Richland, Washington

2.    Mobile Data Technologies  of Edmonton

3.    Dark Matter of Victoria

4.    Terramera of Vancouver


Strategic Exits award for Best Company likely to be Acquired:

1.    Mobile Data Technologies  of Edmonton

2.    ZanttZ of Richland, Washington

3.    InTech of Surrey

4.    Clear Metals of Vancouver = Terramera of Vancouver 




Awards & Companies presented at 32nd Angel Forum - Oct 16, 2012.


Here is a fast summary of the Investor Choice awards at 32nd Angel Forum on Tuesday Oct 16, 2012 where ~60+ serious investors met with 18 pre-screened companies that presented and exhibited.  

BIG congratulations to all of the winners and runner-ups!!



BC Angel Investor of 2012 (as nominated): Mike Edwards 



$2.5+ million invested directly by Angel Forum investors in 4 companies at 2012 Angel Forums:



    Allocadia got $300k and their Lead Investor from the Angel Forum in a $1 million financing 



    ZanttZ got $865k directly from Angel Forum investors with more coming



    Indel Therapeutics increased to $772k directly with more coming



    Solegear Bioplastics got $354k directly




Investor Choice Awards (as chosen by Investors)

TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Presentation:

1.    Industrious of Vancouver 

2.    Ayogo of Vancouver

3.    Paywith = Imstar = Indel of Vancouver

PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Co:

1.    Industrious of Vancouver 

2.    Kairama of Vancouver

3.    Imstar of Vancouver

4.    EVT Power of Vancouver

Fasken Martineau award for Best Revenue Company:

1.    Ayogo of Vancouver 

2.    Prongineer of Vancouver

3.    SignalChem of Vancouver

4.    Allocadia = Indel of Vancouver

TSX Venture Exchange award for Most Promising Company to go Public

1.    SignalChem of Richland

2.    Lumiant of Calgary = Indel of Vancouver

3.    IMBiotechnolgies of Edmonton = PayWith of Vanc.

4.    Indel Therapeutics of Vancouver

BDC-Venture Capital award for Best Company likely to be Acquired:

1.    Indel of Vancouver

2.    EVT Power of Vancouver

3.    Allocadia of Vancouver

4.    PayWith = Imstar = Kairama of Vancouver



Investor Choice Awards (as chosen by Investors) at 31st Angel Forum – May 15, 2012 








TSX Venture Exchange award for Best Presentation:

1.    Solegear Bioplastics of Vancouver 

2.    Chatterblock of Victoria

3.    Revealed Technology of Vancouver

4.    Pug Pharm of Vancouver = ZanttZ of Richland

PricewaterhouseCoopers award for Best Pre-Revenue Company:

1.    Weelooms of Vancouver

2.    ZanttZ Inc of Richland

3.    Revealed Technology of Vancouver

4.    Artspoints of Vancouver = Solegear of Vancouver

Fasken Martineau award for Best Revenue Company:

1.    Solegear Bioplastics of Vancouver 

2.    Vericorder of Kelowna = Chatterblock of Victoria

3.    Counterpart of Vancouver

TSX Venture Exchange award for Most Promising Company to go Public

1.    ZanttZ Inc of Richland

2.    Solegear Bioplastics of Vancouver

3.    Chatterblock of Victoria

4.    Indel Therapeutics of Vancouver

Business Development Bank award for Best Company likely to be Acquired:

1.    Solegear Bioplastics of Vancouver

2.    ZanttZ Inc of Richland

3.    Artspoint of Vancouver = Chatterblock of Victoria

4.    Indel Therapeutics of Vancouver


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